Wicked Witch – Grand Masters in the Ancient art of Video Games.

Wicked Witch Software is a long-established leading video game developer based in Melbourne Australia.


Wicked Witch develops games and graphics applications on a wide range of platforms including PC, mobile, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, VR and more!


We work for hire, co-develop, and create original content with partners all over the world and are looking for funding and development opportunities to create more long-term relationships!

Meet the Executive Team!

Shannon Trottman

Creative Director

Creative rock-star extraordinaire, award winning musician, super amazing illustrator and creative head of all Wicked Witch's projects.

Daniel Visser

Managing Director

King of the studio with a passion unseen in the industry and executive producer on all Wicked Witch's titles.

Shayne Ford

Programming Director

Engineering genius refined, technical lead of all Wicked Witch's programming resources across all projects.

Paul Skinner

Technical Art Director

Meticulous attention to detail combined with decades of expertise to bring a powerhouse of technical art perfection.

Grantley Day

Development Director

Worldwide development experience, and director of all Wicked Witch's mobile, gambling and alternative development products.

Adrian Harrison

Development Director

Masterful engineering and game development across all platforms come complete with expertise in monetisation.